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We are experts in life-cycle assessment, energy efficiency and life-cycle costing. We deliver projects, advice and software solutions via our flexible and versatile 360optimi software platform. We help you to get the facts right and to turn them into actionable assets to boost your bottom line.

We have deep expertise in international sustainability measurement and reporting standards. 

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Find new markets and new ways

Managing sustainability the right way develops competitiveness and helps you differentiate. We help you to tap this new source of demand and expand your markets, or help you find ways to deliver comparable value more cost-efficiently.

We help you tap demand from Green Public Procurement, certification schemes and other initiatives. 

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Life-cycle and operating metrics

360optimi is a cloud software for measuring and managing life-cycle assessment, life-cycle costing and operating environmental metrics and related data. It can be easily customised and extended with tailored metrics and tools, and it supports variety of industries and international standards. 

360optimi helps you to satisfy client requirements, reduce compliancy costs and keep up with development.

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Automation with One Click LCA

One Click LCA makes your pursuit of life-cycle metrics easy and efficient with automation. Input your existing design data (BIM, Excel or Energy Model) to automate the so-far tedious life-cycle assessment and use it to boost your project in a matter of minutes. From there, tweak and make any design changes you wish within the web-based software.

One Click LCA makes Life-Cycle Assessments 100 times faster - you can complete yours in just minutes.

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Success cases

  • The modelling was developed on an assignment from the city of Espoo, with the energy services company Fortum supporting the project. The project covers the district of Finnoo, which shall be connected to the Helsinki metro line and provide a home for approximately 17 000 people. The area is going to be built over the next 25 years.

    Winning the Witty Energy competition with city-scale modelling

    The City of Espoo had a goal to build the greenfield district of Finnoo differently, to provide better lives for citizens and create a meaningfully and measurably sustainable district that could serve as a model for new communities built in the Nordics. Bionova was enlisted to help first in developing the energy strategy and later to support the process.

    Bionova collected the zoning plans from various architects and imported it all into a district level 3D model. The model was then uploaded to 360optimi, with which comprehensive simulations were performed to discover the impact of planning measures and other requirements on the district’s energy balance. The most powerful measures were identified and ranked for cost efficiency and reliability. The outcome is a focused and balanced mix of measures that will ensure both competitive life-cycle cost, and very low energy consumption and life-cycle emissions.

    For more information, please contact Mr Panu Pasanen, panu.pasanen@bionova.fi

    “The goals are ambitious, yet founded on a realistic and feasible plans which take into account the city's capability to direct private investment.”
    Award certificate presented by Tekes, the national funding agency for innovation
  • City of Porvoo is a Finnish forerunner as a city that is ready to adopt low carbon strategies in urban development. The competition was highly efficient for the city, fair and transparent to developers, and provided public benefits with low investment.

    Low emissions land sales competition

    The City of Porvoo believes that working together with private constructors is a necessary step towards achieving its emissions reduction goals.

    To encourage private constructors in creating low-carbon buildings, the city held a land sales competition that included carbon footprint requirements. To ensure a real and fair competition, the city enlisted Bionova to support the competition planning and operation. In the end, the competition program weighed 30 % of the total score based on energy efficiency and life-cycle carbon footprint. The projects were requested to submit 3D models to enable free viewing of the suggested proposal. All bids were uniformly measured with 360optimi and the best bid was awarded a desirable plot of land.

    The competition delivered an outstanding winning proposal. Due to the competitive pressure, the winner had conducted a thorough energy analysis for the project and achieved an even better life-cycle carbon footprint than the winner of the Most Climate Friendly Building competition

  • This multinational financial group operates a range of businesses across several countries and reports their figures annually for Global Reporting Initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project. The retail network consists of hundreds of sites for which the data management was a painstaking exercise. Sustainability has been a company priority for a number of years, with focus on property, office management and transport and increasingly on procurement.

    Simplified sustainability reporting for a financial group

    With an extensive retail network in several countries, collecting data for environmental reporting is a daunting task which required significant time and money every year. Processing the collected data into reliable and accurate reports was a further complexity, made more complicated by time constraints and data dripping in sporadically.

    Due to the collaborative nature of data collection and highly detailed database of 360optimi, the work was streamlined into a straight forward process and the number of steps was reduced significantly. Substantial financial savings were realized from the new method of data collection and reporting. Furthermore, Bionova was contracted to operate the process for an initial period, allowing the client to focus on their core business and get certainty on the efficiency of the new system.

  • The competition was organized by The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Green Building Council Finland, Rakennuslehti as the media partner and Bionova as the life-cycle expert. The competition was sponsored by Isover and Skaala.

    Most Climate Friendly Building competition

    This Finland-wide competition was open to any participants. The goal is to find and promote the best projects and practices to achieve low carbon buildings. Ten finalists were selected and all participants used 360optimi to self-asses their projects’ environmental performance. Bionova verified the results and submitted them to the jury.

    The benefits of 360optimi became soon evident. The jury had at its disposal a numerical, clear, uniform and reliable picture of the carbon footprint of all participants, calculated according to EN 15978 standard and its national application guidelines.

    The jury opted to award the first place to two participants, as their results were very close to each other. Both achieved a life-cycle carbon footprint that is around 50% less than what is commonly achieved today. By sharing the award between two projects the jury wished to highlight that low emissions can be achieved with very different solutions, materials and technologies. The competition attracted significant interest and media attention.