Bionova develops sustainable performance

We believe sustainability is a part of the core business and a potential profit opportunity to be seized, to be considered like any other long-term business investment. We help you to develop sustainable competitive advantage and leverage environmental efficiency as part of your business and growth strategy. We offer software solutions globally and professional services mainly in the Nordic countries. Our environmental and life-cycle cloud software is sold under the 360optimi, One Click LCA and Ecompter brands as well as private labelled for our customers. In Finland, Baltic States and Russia we also sell Energiavalinta.fi.

Our services include:

  • Life-cycle assessment and life-cycle costing
  • Energy efficiency and energy solutions
  • Identify and access new markets
  • Sustainable procurement and policies
  • One Click LCA cloud software for product, building and business sustainability assessment

Our driving force is customer value creation

We approach problems from the customer’s point of view and strive to understand and solve the customer problem. We look for the solution, that works for the given customer, not just any solution. We operate according to the following principles:

  • We seek for practical, scalable solutions.
  • We are focused on impact and measurable improvement.
  • We think outside the box and look for new opportunities.
  • We define issues from the point of view of the end user value creation.
  • We develop long term customer relationships. 
  • We strive to reduce our negative environmental impact.