Sustainable procurement and policies

Public decision making is best based on solid, technology and vendor neutral tools, preferably backed by international and open standards. We help public organisations to design, develop and execute procurement and implementation processes to engage and commit vendors to sustainability policies.

We can support procurement, design as well as competitions, ranging from architectural competitions to a bidding process for a plot of land for new construction. With our support, life-cycle and environmental efficiency drives the bidders in their design process and guides you in the selection process in a predictable, reliable and undisputable manner.

We have substantial and varied experience working with all kinds of public sector actors ranging from ministries to national agencies and municipalities to develop and implement sustainable procurement and sustainable development policies to achieve cost-efficient and durable improvement.

Furthermore, our One Click LCA software enables a seamless benchmarking of proposals for construction projects as well as several kinds of products and services in different competitive settings. With objective, transparent facts and full comparability both participants and the organiser trust the outcome of the competition and are able to invest in developing the very best possible proposals.